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The Fitzroy Blacksmith

With Apologies to Longfellow

by A. B. "Banjo" Paterson


Under the spreading deficit,

The Fitzroy Smithy stands;

The smith, a spendthrift man is he,

With too much on his hands;

But the muscles of his brawny jaw

Are strong as iron bands.

Pay out, pay put, from morn till night,

You can hear the sovereigns go;

Or you'll hear him singing "Old Folks at Home",

In a deep bass voice and slow,

Like a bullfrog down in the village well

When the evening sun is low.


The Australian going "home" for loans

Looks in at the open door;

He loves to see the imported plant,

And to hear the furnace roar,

And to watch the private firms smash up

Like chaff on the threshing-floor.


Toiling, rejoicing, borrowing,

Onward through life he goes;

Each morning sees some scheme begun

That never sees its close.

Something unpaid for, someone done,

Has earned a night's repose.

Banjo Patterson Australian Poet

A. B. (Banjo) Patterson 5

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